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Mangaluru: The fire that broke out recently at the Pachanadi dumping yard in the City has not subsided. However, the residents of the surrounding areas returned to normalcy.

But in a cruel turn of fate, again a fire mishap has taken place. The garbage heap has caught fire again and the smoke has started rising to the sky, leaving the citizens in a state of panic.

The fire breaks out in the Pachanadi Dumping Yard repeatedly and now the fire has broken out again.

Residents of Pachanadi, Mangalanagara and Mandara areas were literally devastated by the smoke that broke out in the dumping yard on January 6. Again fire broke out in a heap of waste on its opposite side on Sunday February 5.

However, the fire brigade rushed to the spot and have doused the fire. The fire that re-erupted covered the entire garbage heap. As a result, the smoke rose thickly to the sky and engulfed the entire environment.

Around 3 to 4 fire tenders are working at the spot to douse the flames. The fire fighting operation is also underway through JCB.

Mangaluru City Cooperation Commissioner Akshy Sridhar and Health Officer are camping at the spot.

The citizens had lashed out at Mangaluru City Corporation, local MLAs and Corporator for repeated fires in the garbage dumps.

Now the citizens are blaming the District Administration too.

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