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Mangaluru: The forest fires in various Sanctuaries and Reserve Forest areas of the State including Bandipura, Kudremukha and Muttodi Forest s are witnessing the loss of lives of lakhs of reptiles and innocent animals, including various mammals, every year as soon as summer sets in. However, due to the rains during December and January this year and the timely action of the Forest Department, the destruction of rare wildlife, including the forest, has been avoided.

There is a possibility of a forest fire causing sparks when hoofed animals move around on the rocks of the forest area. In this regard, the construction of fire lines has been carried out at sensitive locations in various forest areas of the State including Belthangady. From January to the onset of monsoon, the risk of fire spreading in the forest is high. Apart from the wildlife division, the fire line has also been constructed on roads under the jurisdiction of the Forest Department such as Charmadi Ghat Road, Nidigal etc.

In Belthangady, a fire line has been constructed from Bandaje Falls in Kadirudyavara Village to Ballalarayana Durga and Ranizari. The Forest Department personnel have also erected tents in areas where no means of communication including mobile phones, are not in use. Similarly, a fire line has also been constructed in Yelaneeru and Didupe.

In February 2019, 4,000 hectares of forest land was destroyed in a forest fire in the tiger reserve. Moreover, thousands of rare reptiles, animals and birds were burnt in the fire.

Preventing the spread of forest fires in the forest when the monsoon rains begin (till the end of May) is a major task. For this, street plays are being organised for awareness in various areas including the fringe areas. The work of laying fire lines in the road, and sensitive areas in the 8 ranges is almost complete. The review will start after the completion of the work. The rains in the last week of December have helped in protecting the forests, including the fauna.

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