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Mangaluru: Jyothiraj alias Kothiraj, an adventurer who climbed dangerous areas including Jog Falls and Chitradurga Forts with bare hands without any safety equipment, will climb the 1,700-feet-high Jamalabhad Fort on Sunday February 12.

Jamalabhad Fort in Nada villayge of Belthangady Taluk is also known as Narasimhagada and Gadayikallu.

Jyothiraj, who has climbed several mountains, hills and buildings, is now planning to do his bit in Dakshina Kannada District as well.

An eight-member team has accompanied him to prepare for the same. Team members Basavaraj, Rajashekhara, Pavan Jose, Ningaraju Madan, Naveen, Abhi and Pawan Kumar are staying at Dharmasthala.

On Sunday, after 8.30 am, the team made preparations for marking, eco-viewing and other preparations for Jyothiraj’s adventure to climb the Jamalabhad Fort from the side of Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple in Chandkoor.

Within the framework of the law, Jyothiraj, who will be climbing Gadayikallu with the help of his hands facing North, will perform the stunt by fitting a rope around his waist for safety.

Jyothi Raj, who climbs mountains, hills, buildings, lifts dead bodies from dangerous places and does other adventures, has plans to set up a foundation to support children who are deprived of education.

He said that he would dedicate the proceeds from his adventurous work to set up the foundation.

He also talked about setting up a well-equipped gym. All the money saved has been wasted as he slipped and fell in the vicinity of Jog Falls and got injured and was treated.

He has a total of 13 disciples who have achieved fame in many adventures at home and abroad.

The people of Dakshina Kannada District are generous and have a mission of cooperation. He said that if he is allowed to climb the mountain and high-rise buildings in other parts of the District, he will show his courage there as well.

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