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Mangaluru: In all, 1000 Railway Stations will be upgraded under Amrit Bhaeat Scheme under Union Ministry of Railways.

This includes Mangaluru Central and Mangalore Junction (Kankanady).
Bantwal and Subrahmanya Road and Kasaragod Stations in Dakshina Kannada District will also be upgraded under the proposed scheme.

The selection of stations to be developed in the project was carried out based on revenue of the railway station, number of passengers, tourism spots, number of pilgrims and opportunities for growth. It is proposed to provide more facilities at the station.

The proposed plan includes providing smooth connectivity to Mangaluru City, even though Mangaluru Junction station is located within the City limits, it is difficult to connect passengers here. Hence a solution can be found due to new project by building additional platform.

A sum of Rs. 8 to 10 Crore has been sanctioned for 15 Railway Stations of Mysuru Division of South Western Railway which is selected for the Amrit Bharat Scheme. There is also an opportunity to get additional grants based on the comprehensive plan report.

The construction of an additional platform is underway at Mangaluru Central Railway Station. Multiple facilities need to be provided at the station visited by multiple passengers. Spacious building, additional accelerators, digital information will be provided whereby passengers can pay and relax and also facilities such as panels, additional entrances are expected to be included in the project.

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