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Mangaluru: Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) in a single-minded focus of achieving its goal of environmental sustainability, has added two more electric vehicles (EVs) to its vehicle pool for the current fiscal. The airport in August 2022 had initiated its journey towards sustainability by procuring two EVs for its routine operations and has added four more EVs since.

While five of the six EVs are regular sub-compact crossover SUVs, the sixth one is a SUV which has been modified into a ‘Follow Me’ or ‘Apron Control’ vehicle for exclusive use on the airside. “With the recent addition of two more EVs, MIA has not only completed its planned transition from fossil-fuel to EVs for FY23, but gone beyond,” the MIA spokesperson said.

“The aim was to covert 35% of fossil fuel driven vehicles to EVs during the current fiscal and the airport in procuring six EVs has exceeded its own target,” the spokesperson added.

Powered by a dedicated EV charging station on the landside in the parking island, the designated user departments use these ‘green vehicles’ for their routine operational needs.

Mangaluru International Airport has also drawn up a plan to set up a dedicated EV charging station on the airside for EVs that will operate there going forward. Switching to EVs will help in curbing carbon emissions, thus reducing carbon footprint of the airport facility. Most importantly, induction of EVs is also in line with the airport’s objective to achieve carbon neutrality by 2029.

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