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Mangaluru: The work of recontracting the road-widening work between Polali and Kabaka in the State Highways Development Project is progressing at a snail’s pace and following allegations of poor work from the public sector, the SHDP has decided to take up the task.

The Bengaluru Officials of the project visited Vittal-Kabaka on Thursday March 16 and carried out a quality check.

Speaking on the occasion, Former MLA Shakuntala T. Shetty implemented the project during our tenure and the work remained incomplete due to the contractor’s problem. Now the work should be done without compromising on the quality of the work that will be reconstituted. She said that the authorities should respond appropriately when there are complaints about quality from the public.

SHDP Executive Engineer Nagaraj Patil said that the asphalt required for Kabaka-Vittal Road is coming to Vittal from Karkala and if there are any doubts in the quality, arrangements have been made on the spot for immediate inspection. The quality of the asphalt is obtained when the difference between the weight of the asphalt mixed gravel and the weight of the asphalt mixture without gravel based on the percentage, he added.

At present, the quality of Kabaka Vittal Road should be more than 4.5. Another layer of asphalt will be laid on the asphalt, after which the contractor will have to maintain the road for two years, he said.

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