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Mangaluru: Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) Minority Cell President Abdul Jabbar has said that people should take to 100 per cent to send home this Government which is performing poorly in the State.

He was speaking at the fourth day of the Sabha Programme held at Manikatte in Sarspadi Village as part of Bantwal Prajadhvani Yatra on the evening of Tuesday March 14. “The Central Government sold all the State-owned firms,” he accused.

He alleged the BJP of conspiring to buy smaller parties and trying to woo the votes coming to the Congress into their party. “We have no false hope. We have fulfilled the promises made,” he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Former Minister B. Ramanath Rai said that the programme was organised with the aim of visiting every Panchayat and meeting people and activists. I have been shouldering the responsibility of the party step by step, he noted.

He said that he has been elected as an MLA six times with the support of the people and has not done anything to shame the people of the Constituency. “There is no ideological compromise. I don’t regret losing last time, but I’m sad about the propaganda and manipulation to defeat me. I’m sad to have worked and lost,” he said.

The work on the Sahaja Bridge, Benjanapadavu stadium, Ambedkar Bhavan, and Panje Mangesha Rao Bhavana, which has been sanctioned by our Government, has come to a halt. The idea is to complete it, he said stating that he had a dream of building a Rs. 100-Crore well-equipped stadium in Benjanapadavu.

He said that though he had the opportunity to become a member of the Legislative Council, he rejected it out of faith in the people and requested him to give him strength as he was contesting the elections for the last time.

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