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Mangaluru: In a shocking incident fish were killed in Netravati River in Ullal here.

The owners suspect that the incident occurred after toxic waste released from the factories contaminated the river water.

The domesticated fish belonged to Blaira D’Souza of Ullal. Fish worth Rs 3.5 Lakh died and suffered losses.

Blaira had started fish farming on a Mudra Bank loan. Blaira, who started her career two years ago, has now suffered a complete loss second in time fish farming.

In November 2022, the fishes laid eggs in cage farm. About 4,500 fish of the Pampeno breed were grown in size. The fish faced no trouble for a year and a half. On the morning of Saturday February 11, 22 fish were found dead when Blaira went to the river bank.

On Monday February 13, all the fish in the cage died and were found floating on the river.

It is suspected that the incident occurred due to contamination of river water.

The incident is suspected to have been caused by chemically mixed waste water discharged from the factory and a Scientist from Ekkur University of Fisheries Sciences and Fisheries Department visited the spot and took the water sample for testing.

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