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Mysuru: As Assembly elections are fast approaching the Police Department started preparation to ensure free and fair poll and maintain law and order.

The City Police on Tuesday February 14 conducted a parade of rowdy-sheeters of various police stations. On Tuesday more than 76 rowdy-sheeters were summoned to Hebbal Police Station and City Police Commissioner Ramesh Bhanoth warned them that they would be exiled from City if indulged in any kind of anti-social activity.

Senior police officers including DCP Muthuraj and Jhanavi participated in the parade of rowdy-sheeters.

The Police has conducted a rowdy parade twice in the last two months On Tuesday police raided the houses of 76 rowdy-sheeters and did not recover any weapons. Already 7 rowdy-sheeters were banished from City and preparations on to banish 15 notorious rowdies from City.

Commissioner Ramesh Banoth said that the objective of the parade is to establish peace by unleashing a reign of terror towards anti-social forces. There is a possibility that the rowdies will be involved in many misdeeds during the election, so a list of rowdies in all the areas of Mysuru City was prepared, he said.

The Commissioner has instructed the respective police station inspectors to keep a special vigil.

Ramesh Banoth said that there is a possibility of extending the 50 per cent discount for violating traffic rules by another two weeks, and an official announcement will be made soon. It has been decided to extend the rebate in fine from February 14 to 28 due to good response as 50 per cent collection of the fine has been done already.

The Police Department has managed to collect a total of Rs. 12,30,58,650 in 9 days in Mysuru.

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