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Mysuru: Two brilliant youths from cultural city successfully cracked UPSC examinations. Pooja a resident of Gokulam and K Sourabh a resident of Vijayanagara cleared the examinations

Mysuru guy K. Saurabh cracked UPSC examination and secured 260 rank . Interestingly Saurabha is a fan of Puneet Raj Kumar and inspired by PRK film Pruthvi!

Currently Saurabh is undergoing Indian Forest Service training at the Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy, Dehradun, and has now realized his dream of joining the Foreign Service by continuing his preparation for the Civil Services Examination. He passed both Indian Forest Service and Civil Service Exams in 2021.

Speaking to mediapersons he told that I got 725th rank in civil service exam and got Indian postal service. But, as I got 45th rank in the forest service exam, I opted for it. Now I am expecting to get foreign service.”

I did my engineering in electronics and communication SJCE college in the city and studied primary education at CFTRI School He got a job in Merchant Navy Company in 2017. However, he said that he wanted to join the foreign service, so he started preparing for the civil service examination. Puneeth’s film Prithvi has influenced him a lot while pursuing his graduation. Even now that movie is thrilling. Instead of going to work, I went to Delhi and got coaching at Vajiram and Ravi institute . Then I prepared at home,’ he recalled.

He said in 2019, when he appeared for exams he not even scored 50 marks in the prelims. I got worst marks. He started working hard since 2020 and secured good marks in both civil service examinations. He laughed that now he can get his dream foreign service. Saurabhs father Dr. Kemparaju is a professor at Mysore University Biochemistry Study Center, mother Dr. M. Janaki is also an assistant professor at the Department of Education Studies, Karnataka State Open University.

He said the encouragement of my parents helped for my studies.There should be a focus towards the goal. If you get a low score, you should face the exam with confidence without getting discouraged. We have to correct the mistakes and move forward. and definitely can achieve goal he said.

Pooja who failed in preliminary examination of UPSC in her first attempt managed to secure 390 rank in her second attempt , brought honour to district and state. Pooja, who is from a middle class family in Mysore, has worked in a private company called LNT after completing her engineering studies at Vidyavardhaka College. But , she made a firm decision to join the civil service and quit the job. In her first attempt he didn’t even clear the prelims exam. But in her second attempt she got 390th rank in UPSC exam.

Speaking to reporters she said that I am very happy that I got 390th rank in UPSC exam. I was scared at first attempt. It was a failure. After that, I corrected my mistake and in the second attempt, I took a firm decision and did not go for coaching anywhere, studied consistently and passed. When I passed the main exam, I took training from three people for the interview, which helped me a lot. I am likely to get IAS or IPS. Whatever work I get, I will do it faithfully. She said the cooperation of her mother and family helped her a lot in this achievement. She said no one hesitate or inferior complex being studied in Kannada medium or financially poor If you take the right firm decision anything can be achieved. I am a witness of this from a middle class family. Hard work is required for everything. Pooja said that although I failed the prelims the first time, I achieved this feat with the determination to achieve it the second time.

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