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The resignation comes shortly after JD(S) managed to secure only 19 seats in the 2023 Karnataka Assembly elections.

Following their defeat in the recently concluded Karnataka assembly elections, Janata Dal (Secular) leaders Nikhil Kumaraswamy and CM Ibrahim resigned from the post of President of the Youth wing and State President of the party on Wednesday, May 24. Both of them took responsibility for the party’s defeat but said that they would continue to work for the party’s welfare. In his resignation letter, Nikhil said that he will always stand with the party and requested to give a chance to the new leadership. 

“Defeat is not the end, we all have to perform our duty with a spirit of sacrifice in the direction of building the party strong in the face of the defeat of this election, we have to allow new leadership. In this regard I am resigning as the President of the Youth wing of the Karnataka Pradesh Janata Dal (Secular) unit. I request you to accept it,” Nikhil wrote in his letter.

Meanwhile, former CM HD Kumaraswamy was elected as the leader of the JDS legislature party on May 24, in a meeting attended by all 19 new MLAs of the party. Kumaraswamy, who on Wednesday took oath as an MLA along with other JDS leaders at the Speaker’s cabin said that the party will be soon holding an introspection meeting where all leaders will be given an opportunity to express their opinion. Meanwhile, Kumaraswamy also hinted that several young leaders will be given the responsibility of strengthening the party.

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