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Panaji: Drishti Marine, a Goa government-appointed lifeguard organisation, has introduced camera-based artificial intelligence (AI) robots — ‘Aurus’ and ‘Triton’, to monitor the surroundings, assess and detect risks at the beaches, and share real-time information with the on-duty lifeguards.

In a statement, Drishti Marine said that in the past two years, it has witnessed over 1,000 rescue incidents along the coastal belt.

It said “both the AI-monitored camera-based systems can monitor the surroundings, assess and detect risks, share real-time information with on-duty lifeguards so they may respond faster to avoid tragic incidents”.

“The main reason is to incorporate new technology under the banner of lifesaving to help to mitigate risks while assisting the manpower to be more effective in ensuring the safety and security of individuals on the beaches. The inclusion of AI highlights the progress made in the department of lifesaving,” Navin Awasthi, Operations Head of Drishti Marine, said.

Developed by Drishti Works, a division of Drishti, Aurus mans the state’s expansive coastal stretch.

The new addition will aid in increased surveillance and crowd management of beaches.

Aurus is a self-driving robot developed to assist lifesavers by patrolling extensive non-swim zones and alerting tourists during high tide.

Aurus employs artificial intelligence to assist lifeguards with a variety of duties at the beach.

It will work alongside lifesavers in emergency circumstances, from patrolling to providing multilingual notifications.

Along with the Aurus, the Triton AI system’s primary focus is to provide completely AI-based monitoring of non-swim zones, thereby, alerting tourists of the danger and notifying the nearest lifesaver.

It will work in tandem with Aurus to provide comprehensive coverage of the beaches.

Triton will patrol non-swim zones, identify and transfer information to lifesavers and help them identify tourists entering the water during high tide and in danger-prone areas.

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