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Panaji: In an apparent jibe at Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, Leader of Opposition Yuri Alemao on Monday said that the state’s BJP government is on ‘Svalpa Svalpa’ (‘little’ in Kannada) mode and he has no expectations with it.

In the second week of March, Sawant while campaigning for the Assembly elections in Karnataka, had spoken a few lines in Kannada.

He had said, “Svalpa Svalpa Kannada Mathadene” (I can speak little in Kannada).

Subsequent to his speech, opposition parties in Goa slammed Sawant for campaigning in Karnataka, stating that the neighbouring state had allegedly diverted water from the Mhadei river and he was still supporting them by campaigning.

“This government is in ‘svalpa svalpa’ mode. The Chief Minister spoke little in Kannada during his visit to Karnataka. This government was formed with ‘svalpa svalpa’ MLAs. The Treasury has ‘svalpa svalpa’ funds. Assembly session is ‘svalpa svalpa’ (for a shorter period). Even the answers we get in LAQs are ‘svalpa svalpa’,” Alemao told the media on Monday.

According to Alemao, the BJP government has little funds in the exchequer and also gives little time to discuss public issues in the Assembly session.

“Today in opposition, we are only seven MLAs but we will show maximum performance. This government wants to make Goa ‘Swayampurna’ in drugs, crime, accidents, corruption, prostitution,” he charged, adding that, “there are several problems grappling with the state”.

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