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Bengaluru: Amid the spat between the BJP and INDIA bloc over the latter deciding to boycott some media anchors, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Friday challenged BJP President J.P. Nadda with earlier instances of attacks on media.

Taking to the social media, he said: “Mr J.P. Nadda, we will give you the data on the actual attack on the media. You may have forgotten this, but INDIA still remembers it.”

“Journalists who were arrested for reporting the truth: Siddique Kappan; Mohammed Zubair; Ajit Ojha; Jaspal Singh; Sajad Gul; Kishorechandra Wangkhen and Prashant Kanojia”.

Siddaramaiah further stated that the journalists who were killed for speaking the truth include Rakesh Singh, Shubham Mani Tripathi, G. Moses, Parag Bhuyan, and Gauri Lankesh.

He mentioned the Press Freedom Index and India’s falling rank. “2015: 136th position, 2019: 140th position, 2022: 150th position and 2023: 161st position. What does BJP have to say about this?” he challenged.

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