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Mangaluru: Spearhead Academy joined its hands with Sandesha foundation and SIGNIS Karnataka to organise a one-day seminar on “Towards an Ethical Media” on Feb 08, 2023. The seminar focused on the ethical aspect of journalism today, keeping in mind the immediate need to conscientize society with ethical values in the practice of journalism. The programme began at 9:30 am with an introduction by the host Fr Sunil Dandavatti. Fr Sudeep Paul the director of Sandesha and convenor of the seminar warmly welcomed the dignitaries and the participants and gave an orientation on the seminar.

The dignitaries on the dais were His Excellence Dr Most Rev Henry Dsouza, Bishop of Bellary, Fr Victor Vijay Lobo, President of SIGNIS India, Mr Canute Jeevan Pinto, Managing Trustee of Village TV and Fr Richard Dsouza, Secretary of SIGNIS Karnataka. The Programme had a bright and blissful inaugural ceremony with the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries and an interreligious prayer led by Roshan H Raj, Vice Principal of Spearhead Academy. 

His Excellence Most Rev Dr Henry Dsouza, Chairman of Sandesha Foundation, Bishop of Bellary, and the keynote speaker of the day called for accountability in media by being accurate and giving factual information. He was also made aware of the twisting of facts using examples. Journalists should not tell what they want to but are to communicate what they ought to, he added. 

The seminar had four technical sessions with two topics per session to discuss, which were deliberated by different experts from academics and professionals. The topics of discussion were, ‘Ethics of Indian News Media’, ‘Deconstructing ethics in Journalism’, ‘Accuracy and Verification’, ‘Independence and Allegiance’, ‘Deception and fabrication’, ‘Graphics and Image Manipulation’, ‘Source and confidentiality’ and ‘Ethics and Citizen journalism’. 

The Seminar was well participated by over 80 scholars, professionals, academicians, and students. Since the topics were of utmost importance and relevance the participants raised a lot of questions and sought for clarifications from the resource persons. The resource persons with their expertise and experience hit the nail on its head with precision and accuracy in terms of answering the questions. In fact, the seminar paved way for a healthy discussion and debate on the matter too. 

The Seminar had a fitting conclusion graced by Mr Roy Castelino, trustee of Sandesha foundation. In his valedictory speech said that journalism being made a commercial entity there is less possibility to practice ethics, therefore individuals need to take the initiative to impose more ethical norms in the practice of journalism. The Participants were rewarded with a certificate for their active participation and contributing to the seminar with their questions and curiosity to know more. 

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