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Football is the most popular and watched sport across the globe. Football is referred to as Soccer by North Americans. South Americans made football great whereas Europe made the sport the most celebrated and the rest make it better each day.

Football is a team sport and over the years the sport has evolved a lot. When we hear the sport football two things come to the minds of modern people. The two words that every person utters about football are Messi and Ronaldo. These two players own the sport and there is another Brazilian player who is named third Neymar Jr.

Every young kid who watched these three plays likes one of them for sure and February 5 is a special day for all those fans who like Ronaldo and Neymar. Because both these star players are born on the same day.

Ronaldo is known for his speed, strength and goal-scoring ability and Neymar is known for his playmaking skills and dribbling. These two have won some popular leagues, trophies and other personal accomplishments.

Today, Ronaldo turns 38 and Neymar turns 31. Ronaldo has almost won everything the sport offers in Europe and is considered one of the greatest European players of all time. Presently, he plays in the Saudi league for Al Nassr whereas Neymar has a lot of footballing years ahead as he is one of the top goal scorers for Brazil and plays for the French club Paris Saint Germain.

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