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Udupi: The water problem has worsened in the Udupi city area and people are in dire straits. On the other hand, the lack of water has also affected the patients of the District Hospital.

Swarna River water irrigating Udupi has almost reached the bottom level. Thus, people who depend on Municipal water are in dire straits. Ajjarakadu District Hospital of Udupi was being supplied with Municipal water. Besides, well water was sufficient. But the well water dried up in early April, due to which there was shortage of water.

Water is being supplied daily in 8 tankers to the District Hospital and the women and children’s hospital under its jurisdiction. As this is not sufficient, it is not possible to supply water to the patients 24 hours a day as before.

In this context, the Deputy Commissioner has arrived at the hospital today and conducted an inspection. He has instructed the medical officezrs to make necessary water arrangements.

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