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Both the driver of the car, and the man seen being dragged on the car’s bonnet, have been booked by Bengaluru police.

In yet another incident of road rage in Bengaluru, a video of a man being dragged on the bonnet of a car has emerged on Friday, January 20. Bengaluru police said that an argument broke out between the drivers of two cars after a collision. Priyanka, who was driving one of the cars, refused to step out of her car and started to drive away. The driver of the second car, Darshan, is seen hanging on to the bonnet of her car for over a kilometre in the video. Nobody was reported to have been injured in the incident, and both the drivers along with three others have been arrested. 

The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic West) told India Today that after the collision took place in the Jnanabharathi area of Bengaluru, Darshan asked Priyanka to stop her car. He said that Priyanka refused to stop, and tried to drive away after showing Darshan “a vulgar sign.” Darshan then tried to stop her car, but Priyanka refused to step out of the vehicle and kept driving, according to the DCP. Darshan then jumped over the car's bonnet to save himself, but Priyanka continued to drive the car for about a kilometre with Darshan still on the bonnet, he added. 

A complaint filed by Priyanka’s husband said that they were returning from an eye hospital when a car came in despite restricted entry in its direction, and blocked their way. The complaint said that Priyanka was abused by the men in the car, who then started to follow the couple. It said that Priyanka’s husband then got out of the car to call the police control room, when four to five men started pounding on the window of the driver seat while abusing his wife. Priyanka panicked and started driving to safeguard herself, the complaint added. 

Another case of road rage from #Bengaluru where a man is seen hanging on to the bonnet even as the driver of the car continues driving for over a kilometre. This after an argument broke out between the two. Both the driver and the man on the bonnet booked.— Pooja Prasanna (@PoojaPrasanna4) January 20, 2023

The complaint filed by the driver of the other car, Darshan, said that Priyanka was jumping a traffic signal and when he questioned her, she abused him. Another man with Priyanka also manhandled him and gave him a death threat, Darshan alleged. When Darshan and his friends followed them and asked her to get out of the car, she started driving away, even as Darshan was on the bonnet, the complaint said. 

The Bengaluru police have booked Priyanka under Section 307 (attempt to murder) of the Indian Penal Code, whereas Darshan and his friends have been booked under Section 354 (assault of criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty). 

Earlier on January 17, a video of a 71-year-old man being dragged by the rider of a two-wheeler had gone viral. In that case, after a collision between the scooter and a car, the rider of the scooter had reportedly tried to flee even as the elderly driver of the car held onto the scooter. 

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