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Vientiane: The Lao cabinet has instructed state bodies to work with tour and service operators to revitalise the tourism industry and boost the economy.

During the Lao government’s monthly meeting, the cabinet told state departments to hold talks with tourism business operators and share ideas and activities to be organised during Visit Laos Year 2024, reports Xinhua news agency.

Chaired by Prime Minister Sonexay Siphandone, the day-long meeting called for action to address barriers currently hindering progress in the tourism industry, a key economic driver and a major earner of foreign currency for Laos.

The government hopes that Visit Laos Year 2024 will be a big boost to the post-pandemic recovery of the tourism industry and bolster Laos’ fragile economy amid global upheavals.

Lao government considers tourism its top priority in revitalising the economy, and the country is preparing to welcome an influx of foreign visitors in 2023.

The government pointed out the country’s huge potential to develop natural, cultural, historical, and agricultural tourism sites.

Several media organisations have ranked Laos as one of the world’s top travel destinations for 2023.

In addition to tourism, the cabinet meeting instructed state departments to maximize state revenue collection to enable the government to meet its spending needs.

The cabinet also stressed the need to fulfil its debt service obligations to both domestic and foreign creditors after pledging that Laos will not slide into default.

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