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Vijayapura: Claiming that when he was Chief Minister, he promptly handed over the cases of allegations to the CBI despite the BJP was in power in the Centre, Former Minister and Leader of the Opposition, Siddaramaiah has accused the BJP of not handing over a single case of corruption to CBI despite the very BJP in power at the Centre.

Speaking at the Party’s Praja Dhwani Rally in Sindagi town on Saturday February 10 he said that when he was CM, he handed over cases of suicide of police officer, D. K. Ravi, Ganapati and BJP Worker Paramesh Mesta.

“In all the cases which were referred to the CBI, the investigating agency gave a clean chit to our Government stating that the Congress Government was not involved in it. The allegations made by the BJP against us fell flat. Interestingly, the CBI was under the control of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, then too our Government got a clean chit,” he said.

Referring to the allegations of corruption in the BJP Government, he said that the State Contractors’ Association President himself made allegations of the 40 per cent corruption in the BJP Government and wrote a letter in this regard to the Prime Minister himself, the BJP Government has not referred the case to the CBI.

Similarly, in the case of the PSI Recruitment Scam where a top IPS Official was arrested, the BJP Government did not refer the case to the CBI.

“When contractor, Santosh Patil died by suicide after making allegations of corruption against the Government, even then the Government remained mum without referring the case to CBI despite the fact that CBI comes under their own Government at the Centre. The only reason the Government is desisting from referring these cases to the CBI is because it knows clearly that their own leaders will be caught if the CBI investigates the case,” he said.

Siddaramaiah said even today, the BJP was making allegations against Congress stating that the corruption took place during the Congress regime.

“I challenge the BJP to set up a probe by the sitting High Court judge and hand over the cases related to our Government and your Government also. Let the probe take place and see what will happen. I know the BJP will never do that because it has no guts to do that,” he said.

Describing BJP as the worst Government he has seen in the last four decades of his political career, Siddaramaiah appealed to the people to throw out the BJP Government in the coming Assembly elections.

“I am also confident that this is going to be the last Assembly session of the Government and it is going to present its last Budget. The people should also make up their minds to dethrone the BJP from power,” he said.

Earlier he participated in the mega procession where he was given a rousing welcome by the party workers.

MLA and Karnataka Pradesh Congress Campaign Committee Chairman M. B. Patil, MLA Yeshwantraigouda Patil and other Party Leaders were present.

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