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Vijayapura: Issuing a stern warning to non-Muslims Congress Leaders of the District not to take Muslims for granted in the coming assemzbly polls, the Muslim leaders have come forward to ask them to ensure victory of Muslim candidates from the District in coming polls.

“We will no longer be in a mood to tolerate this injustice and discrimination to Muslims in elections. We are making it amply clear that if the non-Muslim Congress candidates do not work in unity to ensure victory of Muslim candidate from the District, we will not only contest as rebel candidates but also appeal Muslims voters to vote for any other secular party to ensure the defeat of Congress candidates in the District,” declared, Rafique Khane and Saifullah Quadri, Muslim leaders. Interestingly, both are Congress ticket aspirants from the City.

Asserting that their demand from the Congress to offer ticket to any one of the eligible candidates among 26 Muslims ticket aspirants from City, Khane said that it is the duty of the non-Muslim Congress candidates to campaign for Muslim candidates.
Informing that of the eight Assembly constituencies in the District, the Congress gives ticket to only one Muslim candidate while the remaining others are non-Muslim.

“In remaining all the seven constituencies, Muslims have been solidly voting for the non-Muslim candidate and they have remained decisive in electing the Congress candidates. When Muslims vote for non-Muslim candidates and Muslim leaders campaign for them, unfortunately the same is not witnessed from non-Muslim voters and leaders in Vijayapura City where a lone Muslim candidate gets Congress ticket. Here, the Muslim Congress candidate will have to depend largely on Muslim votes and Muslim leaders to campaign. Other non-Muslims Congress candidates do not come to campaign for Muslim candidate,” he said.

“This has been the trend in every election. Why Muslims should become a vote bank of non-Muslim candidates for generations,” Khane asked.

Expressing anguish over the Congress leaders for not raising voice in support of Muslims when BJP MLA Basanagouda Patil Yatnal makes derogatory remarks against Muslims openly, Advocate Quadri said the Congress leaders do not say anything against Yatnal for the fear of losing Hindu votes. “They think that they will lose Hindu votes but for Muslims they have this notion set in their mind that Muslims have no choice but to vote for the Congress in any case. Let me tell you that the Muslims are no puppets in your hands. We have self-respect and we will not allow you to take us on a ride for your political gains,” he retorted.

Asserting that the Muslims have other parties to join if the Congress continues to treat Muslims as vote bank, Quadri warned of taking out rallies in remaining Assembly segments to appeal to the people not to vote for the Congress candidates if non-Muslims candidates do not give assurance and campaign for lone Muslim candidates.

Accusing some Congress leaders of having an internal pact with BJP candidates for the defeat of Muslim candidates, both of them warned the Congress leaders exposing such Congress leaders who do adjustment politics to defeat Muslim candidates.

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