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Vijayapura: The demand for the Betel Leaves of Kudgi Village of the District is significantly increasing in the markets of not only Karnataka but also in Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Being cultivated on over 500 hectare land in the District, mainly in Kudgi Village of Kolhar Taluk, the Betel is being used not only for the daily consumption by Paan (Betel leaves) lovers but also during events such as weddings and preparations of garlands.

The farmers also say that some of the Ayurvedic companies are also directly buying Betel leaves from the farmers to prepare cough syrups.

Though Betel leaves have many varieties, in the District, the variety known as Ambadi is largely cultivated. Besides Kudgi Village, the Betel leaves are cultivated in neighbouring Villages such as Malaghan, Talewad, Masuti, Golasangi and Muttagi as the soil and climate is suitable for this crop.

The officials of Horticulture Department are saying that following the good remunerative price, more farmers of the District are now trying their hand on cultivating this crop.

The officials said that the Government also offers subsidies for micro-irrigation facilities which helps the farmers to save money.

“Since water is essential for this crop and micro irrigation is best suitable for higher yield, the Government is offering aid,” the officials said.

The farmers said that they earn around Rs. 30,000 net profit from each acre of cultivation. They however said that despite the introduction of modern and improved varieties, the crop is still labour-oriented as plucking and packing of Betel leaves is still done by labourers.

“Some expert hands are needed for plucking and packing the leaves as it is a delicate crop. The labourers must know which leaves should be plucked and when. Since it is a perishable item, the packing should be done in a manner that helps the leaves remain in good quality for hours before it reaches the market,” said farmer Mohammed Yunis Panfarosh, a farmer of Kudgi Village.

He said that since expert hands are needed, therefore, the daily wage of the workers is also higher compared to other agricultural labourers.

He said that except during Covid pandemic when the demand of Betel leaves sharply declined, the Betel leaves farmers did not incur loss.

S. M. Baragimath, the Deputy Director of Horticulture Department said that over the years, the cultivation of Betel Leaves is expanding in the District.

He said that the government is offering subsidies which is encouraging more farmers to cultivate Betel leaves in their farms.

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