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Vijayapura: Police on Saturday February 11 arrested seven persons for tonsuring the heads of two youths and parading them in the village for misbehaving with a woman in the district of the state.

The incident took place in Hegadihala village of Vijayapura taluk on Friday. According to police, the youths had misbehaved with a local woman in Mumbai. Youth and the woman had gone to Mumbai as migrant labourers and worked there.

The woman had complained about the misbehaviour of the youths from her place to her parents and family. The elders of the community called the youths who misbehaved with the woman to their village from Mumbai.

They held a meeting and decided to tonsure their heads and parade them in the village by putting a garland of slippers.

The news stirred a controversy and questioned the police department about villagers having their own set of law violating rules.

Vijayapura Rural police visited the village and conducted inspections. After inquiry, the police took seven persons from the village belonging to the Lambani community into their custody. They are further probing the matter.

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