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Vijayapura: Jawar is one of the prominent and staple diets of people of North Karnataka region, but over the years the farmers are complaining of depleting production of this grain.

With an objective of addressing this issue and helping the farmers get higher yield, the Regional Agriculture Research Station (RARS) here has developed two high yielding varieties of Jawar.

Named as BGV-44 and CSV-29, the two varieties are promising as the scientists believe that they will help in increasing production.

S. S. Karbhantanal, Chief Scientist and Head of Jawar development programme said that already sowing of these variety seeds has been completed in limited areas on a trail basis.

He said that considering the climatic conditions and the characteristics of the soil, the varieties which are suitable for Rabi crops have been developed.

“The new varieties are good for black cotton soil. The plants grow taller and can yield at least 25 per cent more grain compared to the regular one,” he said.

About BGV-44, he said that this variety is best suitable for black cotton soil which holds more moisture. Similar is the quality of the CSV-44 variety.

“The varieties are better than the previous M-35-1 variety. The new variety can give 8-10 quintal of grains and 22-25 quintals of fodder. Since the fodder also contains more moisture, it provides more nutrition to the cattle. Besides giving higher yield, the varieties are pest resistant too. Presently, the varieties are available at the centre located near Hittinahalli Village. The interested farmers can visit the centre to buy. The varieties have been introduced in all the Jawar growing areas of the State, and farmers can cultivate it for Rabi,” Dr. Karbhantanal said.

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