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Vijayapura: Claiming that the BJP has made Uttar Pradesh completely free from Congress rule, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, Union Minister of State for Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution and Rural Development said that State too will be free from the Congress soon.

Speaking after inaugurating the BJP Women’s Convention of Nagathan Constituency on Thursday March 16, she said that Congress will be rejected by the people. Accusing Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi of insulting India on the foreign soil, she said that Gandhi has tried to disgrace India by making anti-India statements during his recent foreign tour.

“In his speech, Rahul Gandhi said that Democracy and the Constitution of India are in peril. Rahul should not have made such a comment on a foreign soil about India”, Sadhvi said.

She said that in reality, not the Constitution and Democracy in peril, but the very existence of the Congress is. Which is why the Party had launched the Bharat Jodo Campaign to save the party from getting doomed, he said.

“The Constitution of India was in danger when Former Prime Minister, late, Indira Gandhi had imposed Emergency in India. Democracy was in peril in India when the massacre of Sikhs took place in India. Democracy was also in danger when the cow protectors were shot dead,” she remarked.

Accusing the Congress of not keeping its promises, Sadhvi said that the Congress had promised to waive farmers’ loan after coming to power in Rajasthan but even after nearly five years, the party has failed to keep its promise.

In his address, Party Leader Gopal Karjol appealed to the people not to believe the Guarantee Card Scheme of the Congress stating that the party is only fooling the people to gain votes. “In no case, the Congress will keep its promise. Therefore, the people should not get hoodwinked by the rosy promises of the Congress,” he said.

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