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Wellington: The New Zealand government on Wednesday launched the National Space Policy, calling it the next “giant leap” in the country’s space journey.

“Our space sector is growing rapidly. Each year New Zealand is becoming a more and more attractive place for launches, manufacturing space-related technology and conducting space science and research,” said Economic Development Minister Barbara Edmonds.

The launch of the National Space Policy presented a clear and connected picture of New Zealand’s space interests to the world, Xinhua news agency quoted the Minister as saying.

The policy identifies stewardship, innovation, responsibility, and partnership as key values for New Zealand in space, she said, adding that harnessing these values will inform space-related engagements, policy creation and strategies across government.

The National Space Policy aims to grow an innovative and inclusive space sector, protect and advance New Zealand’s national security and economic interests, regulate to ensure space activities are safe and secure, promote the responsible use of space internationally, and model sustainable space and Earth environments, the Minister said.

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