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Kalaburagi: A woman arrived at the hospital seeking urgent treatment during the Golden Hour for chest pain. Unfortunately, there were no doctors available, and the staff showed no concern. Tragically, an innocent woman lost her life at the Yadrami Taluk Hospital due to a lack of timely response from the medical facility.
The person who passed away has been identified as Nagamma Mallappa, aged 60. Family members of the deceased have made allegations that no one arrived promptly to provide medical attention, despite their arrival at the health center in the morning. Nagamma Mallappa had spent the night at the religious center and experienced chest pain while bathing on Friday morning. Subsequently, relatives brought her to the Yadrami Government Community Health Centre at 8 am for a medical check-up.
With no doctors present at the hospital, they waited until 10, Concerned about the worsening condition of the woman, the family contacted local hospital doctors. Relatives expressed frustration that although the doctors eventually arrived at the hospital, they spent valuable time on the phone. Sadly, by the time they attended to the woman, she had already succumbed to chest pain.
Yadrami Taluk Medical Officer Dr. Umesh Sharma attempted to contact the individual but received no response, and after some time, the phone was set to a busy mode. Upon receiving a call from an unidentified person, the deceased’s relatives expressed their frustration and left with the body.
Before such an incident recurs, it is imperative that the relevant higher authorities are made aware of it. Stringent measures should be implemented against both hospital staff and doctors for their perceived negligence. The relatives and the Yadrami community have urged action against those accountable for the delay, as it appears that the doctors failed to arrive promptly, causing a four-hour delay in attending to the patient who had initially arrived at the hospital in the morning.

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